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Amazing Gifts For Amazing Men!

Finding a gift for your dad is no easy feat, especially when they insist on not wanting anything special for Fathers’ Day. Fret not! Here’s a list of skincare gifts that you can gift to the amazing men in your life! 

Treat them to some awesome skincare products and get them looking suave and sophisticated this Father's Day!  

  1. Special Bundle: Mild Peeling Foam + Refreshing Toner 

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(Image: RULE 429 Refreshing Toner and RULE 429 Mild Peeling Foam)

Looking to gift the fathers in your life skincare but know that they’re a tad lazy? Check out this special bundle, available for Fathers’ Day only!  

This bundle comes with a cleanser and a toner, the very basics of all skincare! With Rule 429 Mild Peeling Foam, get their skin glowing with this foam cleanser that removes dead skin cells before finishing up with Rule 429 Refreshing Toner to soothe and reduce the appearance of wrinkles!  

This toner can be used after shaving too! 

  1. All-in-One Moisturizing Lotion 


(Image: RULE 429 All-in-One Moisturizing Lotion)

A lightweight, long-lasting moisturizer that balances the skin’s moisture and oil balance without the familiar sticky finishing and also functions as a toner, essence and emulsion? Sounds too good to be true!  

Packed into a slick bottle is Rule 429 All-in-One Moisturizing Lotion that gives you all the benefits and none of the ickiness! A suitable all-in-one lotion for men who needs moisture yet are too lazy for a 13-step routine! 

  1. All-in-One Gel Hydrator 


(Image: RULE 429 All-in-One Gel Hydrator)

Do you constantly notice that shiny sheen on your father’s face (or any kind of father)? Help them get rid of that shine with Rule 429 All-in-One Gel Hydrator by controlling sebum secretion!  

Functions as a toner, essence and emulsion, it is suitable for men who needs a quick fix. This hydrator adheres lightly to the skin and offers you a non-sticky, light and refreshing finish.  

  1. Hidden Tips M Stick 


(Image: RULE 429 Hidden Tips Cover M-Stick)

Hair trouble and not sure what to do? Make a 180-degree turn from the troubles you want to hide! Rule 429 Hidden Tips Cover M-Stick is perfect for hairline crown cover and gray hair coverage. Help the heroes in your life to achieve slick and charming hair for the special occasion! 

Ths M-stick is a cushion-type powder with a sponge applicator. The best part? It is waterproof!  

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