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Athé: Vegan K-Beauty Brand that’s Kind on Your Skin and the Environment

In recent years, there has been an increasing awareness about sustainability and climate change. As part of this movement, more and more people have been turning towards eating plant-based and vegan meals. However, living a greener lifestyle doesn’t stop at just one’s diet these days. You may have also heard about the rise of vegan beauty. But first things first: what exactly does it refer to? Simply put, vegan cosmetics and beauty products are made without any animal-derived ingredients or animal-derived by-products. If you’re keen to incorporate vegan beauty in your lifestyle – or you’re just after gentle, botanical-based skincare – look no further than Athé.

Athé is a South Korean vegan beauty brand that prides itself on safe and effective formulas inspired by nature. Its products are certified vegan by the prestigious French vegan certification association EVE VEGAN (Expertise Végane Europe). Besides being gentle on the environment, Athé’s formulations are also gentle on the skin. All its products are paraben-free, non-genetically modified, and developed using high-quality ingredients and technology from Mibelle Biochemistry, a renowned cosmetic developer in Switzerland. As a final touch, Athé items are also packed using sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

Curious about Athé? Here are four bestselling Athé products that we love.

  1. Athé Authentic Lip Balm 

Fun fact: many lipsticks in the market contain carmine, a red-coloured pigment extracted from a type of insect called cochineal. If that turns you off, you’ll be pleased to know that Athé is the first Korean brand to produce a range of fully vegan lipsticks. This moisturizing tinted lip balm is available in four wearable shades that will react to the temperature of your lips for a personalized hue. Each one is also formulated with pineapple-derived bromelain to gently exfoliate dead skin, and peach seed oil to moisturise your pout.

  1. Athé Pink Vita Cleansing Oil 

Double cleansing is an essential part of the K-beauty skincare regime. Reach for the Athé Pink Vita Cleansing Oil as the first step in your routine. This is made with the pink vitamin oil complex which comprises a blend of vitamin B12, floral extracts, and essential vegan oils to gently remove makeup and impurities while nourishing skin.

  1. Athé Pink Vita Foaming Cleanser 

In addition to the same pink vitamin oil complex as the cleansing oil, this also contains naturally-derived konjac jelly extracts that help to slough away dead skin and waste. To use, work the cleanser into a lather and massage it onto wet skin. You will notice a bubbling effect as it detoxifies and lifts away impurities. Leave the bubbles on for five minutes before rinsing off.

  1. Athé Vegan Relief Sun Cushion 

Boasting zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as its key active ingredients, this broad-spectrum sunscreen offers SPF50 and PA++++ protection. We especially love its moisturising formula that is made with 60 per cent water-based ingredients, giving it a lightweight and non-sticky finish. Another plus: the cushion format makes this so convenient to carry around and touch-up throughout the day!

Athé is available from Ululada, your one-stop-shop for a curation of the latest and hottest K-beauty selections from South Korea.

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