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All About Tinted Moisturizers

Tinted moisturizer has become the hot new must-have in beauty over the past few years. This is especially true with the rise of French and Korean makeup trends. With these looks - less is more. Gone are the days where everyone kept a powder compact in their bags and retouched every time a hint of shine began to show. 

These days, everyone wants to get behind that glassy skin, no-makeup-makeup look. Cakey foundation is now a no-no. It’s no wonder tinted moisturizers have exploded in popularity - they’ve blended the best aspects of multiple products, making that dewy look that much more achievable. We’ll be discussing everything you’ll need to know about them - read on!

What Is Tinted Moisturizer?


As we mentioned, tinted moisturizers are a blend of products you already know - moisturizer and foundation. They are what the beauty industry calls a hybrid product. The reason they work so well is that they take the hydrating aspect out of moisturizer and combine it with pigments that usually make up foundations or concealers.

This leaves us with a product that hydrates your skin while giving it a perfect lightweight foundation. Some tinted moisturizers go the extra mile with their blends and add UV protection -  like the eSpoir Skin Like Tinted Moisturizer SPF 50+ PA+++. That means you get a moisturizer with coverage and sun protection all in one!

For many people struggling to juggle products and want a simple everyday light coverage regimen, tinted moisturizers might be what you’re looking for. 

How Is It Different From BB Cream and Foundation?

Some of you may be wondering - are tinted moisturizers really different from BB creams? Can they really replace foundations? It’s easy to get lost, but let us help you clarify a few things. 

No, BB cream is not the same thing as a tinted moisturizer. Though they have similar levels of pigment, where tinted moisturizers hydrate, BB creams prime the skin. BB usually stands for blemish balm or beauty balm, so they usually have heavier formulas. 

Foundation on the other hand has a full-coverage formula. That means if you’re looking to totally cover blemishes or age spots, even out skin tone, and provide a solid base for heavier makeup, tinted moisturizer just won’t cut it. Consider something like the eSpoir Pro Tailor Be Glow Foundation SPF 25 PA++ instead.

When Should You Use Tinted Moisturizer?

Tinted moisturizers work best for everyday looks when you don’t want to have to carry around a full face of makeup. Besides their moisturizing properties, they work great at evening out your skin tone. They are also the key to the coveted dewy-skin look. 

The secret key is to continue using your normal moisturizer before makeup. Tinted moisturizers should act as a boost to your routine rather than a replacement. Apply after your normal moisturizer with your fingers or a beauty blender. If there are a few spots you want to hide, go in with a concealer to spot-correct. 

Finish off with the rest of your makeup and you’ll end up with flawless, glassy skin that will make everyone wonder who the it-girl walking by them is. Shop now at